Lists Widget

Lists is a tool created by the College of Arts and Letters Educational Technology Office to support blended and online courses.

Lists allows instructors to place a dynamic list of links or statements into a course page. Students can add their own entries as well as vote other entries "up" or "down" the list.

PLEASE NOTE: The lists widget currently does not work with MSU's implementation of Desire2Learn

Example use:
Professor Tech is teaching a literature course and wants his students to generate a list of links that are relevant to the life and works of Walt Whitman. He implements the lists widget in his ANGEL course and asks each student to post 1 or more links they find. As students post links, others are able to vote for the links that have been posted. At the finish of the activity Professor Tech's students have generated a peer-reviewed, rich list of links relevant to Walt Whitman's life and work.

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